Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Sister and Little Brother

So any of you that know me know that there are a bunch more pictures that you have not seen yet. Now these were just with a flash in our house, we will get some studio shots soon, but these should keep you happy for a few days.

So if you look back about 9 months or so you will notice a post about our garden growing, and Sarah wearing a "Big Sister" shirt. Well one of our friends gave David a "Little Brother" shirt that matched perfectly! So we had to get them wearing the shirts together.

So here is the quick update. David is doing great. He sleeps through the night, is totally potty trained, and got accepted into BYU starting next year. . . and I am dork. Seriously though, we are all doing well. Getting just enough sleep to get by, although last night was pretty good. If that is a sign of nights to come we just might survive.

And without further adieu

Monday, January 17, 2011

David Steven Foote

So with Katie being pregnant and the due date being tomorrow we were thinking about when our little guy might make his appearance. I kept telling people he was going to be born on either 1-1-11 or 1-11-11, well New Years day came and went and no kid. So I said, for sure he is coming on the 11th! If not Katie was going to have to wait until November and 11-11-11. Having a cool birthday is cool I smile every time I write 3-8-83 and I thought it would be nice to give a cool birthday to our little guy.

Well, he decided to be obedient and...

at 8:16 PM on 1-11-11 David Steven Foote was born (I suggested to Katie that if she could wait about 3 more hours he could be born at 11:11 - if looks could kill I would not be typing this right now. My family has a bad way of helping people deal with pain - humor - it works for minor pain, doesn't help at all with labor type pain - unless you consider making people mad helping.)

Anyway, we have had our little guy for a few days now and he is awesome. Sarah loves being a big sister and is a big help with him and we have had Katie's awesome mom helping out as well. So Katie and I have pretty much just been able to enjoy him.

Here are a few photos from the hospital. I took a TON more today, but have yet to edit them. You can also see the full set here

Katie looking way to good for being about to deliver a baby. When we walked into the hospital to check in she was between contractions and looked like we were out for a stroll in the park. They really didn't think she was in labor because she was so calm and relaxed and not hurting at the moment. The elevator right outside the door to labor and delivery was a different story - they would have not doubted for a second had they seen her in the elevator!

Here is our little guy just a few minutes after he was born - pretty cute eh?

Sarah was really excited to meet her new little brother

Both Grandmas were pretty excited to see him as well

Here is David, Steven, and David Steven - he was named after two pretty great guys!

Yes I was there too - we are now a family of 4 that is crazy!

Our little guy is ready to celebrate! This is a mini sparkling cider that they brought for each of us with our celebration dinner (steak and shrimp and pasta prima vera . . . pretty good!)

It is late and I am tired. Check back in a few days for some more cute photos. I promise to do at least a little better at blogging for at least a little while!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Foote Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas - For those of you that didn't get our letter in the mail (sorry, we ran out) Here is the picture we sent and bellow is the letter, you can click on them to see full sized

Friday, October 15, 2010


I have really enjoyed experimenting with a new photography technique called HDR Photography or High Dynamic Range Photography. I really like the way Trey Ratcliff of describes what HDR is. He basically says that we have all been an amazing place - take a picture - and then when we show someone we say something like - You really had to be there - or the picture doesn't really show it. That is because our eyes are so much more advanced than any camera. But we can cheat with cameras - that is where HDR comes in. What HDR does is take several pictures of a scene and combine them into one photo - so the really light spots are not washed out and the really dark spots still have detail - the same way your eye could see the scene. Anyway, here are a few examples I have taken over the past couple of months.

For the full effect feel free to click on the photo and go to the larger size on flickr

Ceasar's Palace
Venetian Grand Entrance

Ranch HDR
The cliffs out the front door of my grandpa's ranch

Ranch Flag
Same as the last picture but with a little patriotism added in!

Scum pond
Scum Pond - we hiked up a mountain to get here - so I took some pictures of it and everyone made fun of me. I think it turned out really cool though

Rainbow Bridge
The famous Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell - bellow you can see the original (or one of the three that I used to combine above) The original is edited as I would have edited in the past. So hopefully you can see the difference and why I am excited about this new technique.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Viva Bike Vegas/I wanted to die

So somehow my little brother Steven talked me into doing a 115 mile ride with him. Once I was committed I decided to help him convince my dad he should do it to. so Saturday Oct 9 at 6:30 AM we left downtown Las Vegas only to return 10 hours later - and much more tired.

There were 1500 riders that left with us and it was fun to leave town with cops at every intersection stopping traffic for us. I felt great the first 40 miles. I had energy, we were passing way more people than were passing us. We were doing really well and ahead of the pace I was hoping for (a little slower than what Steven wanted)

One of the highlights of the ride was the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge. It is scheduled to open for traffic in about a month, but what better way to test it than to send 1500 bikes out on it right? It was a cool bridge and neat to cross the bridge before it opens to the public.

The three of us on the bridge

The view of the dam

This is about where the fun stopped (other than a few pick me ups from family) We had crossed the bridge and had to ride up the biggest, longest, steepest hill of the entire course into boulder city. Not only that, for the first time in several years my asthma was starting to act up. I have exercise induced asthma and I felt it a little bit about 10 days before the ride, but just hoped it was because I had a stuffy nose and shouldn't worry about it. Little did I know what I was in for.

So about halfway up this hill I had to stop and lie down and try to breathe, I was getting dizzy and light headed and decided I better stop. After about 5 minutes I felt better and we went up the rest of the hill. Through Boulder City. Into Henderson where my wife, daughter, mother, sister and sister in law were all waiting to cheer us on as we pulled into the lunch stop. What a blessing it was to feel their love and support, not to mention encouragement. I was seriously considering calling it quits right there (halfway) but Katie and Sarah told me that they knew I could do it. So I was going to.

One funny quote from lunch - my mom was refilling our water bottles for us and said, "I actually feel awkward not wearing spandex pants."


Sarah told me her sign says, "I love my daddy" I love my kid!

After lunch was by far the hardest part of the ride for me. Even though the Boulder City hill should have been worse, on our way up Horizon Ridge we were trying to keep up with this group of about 30 other riders who were really cranking up the hill. I started breathing heavy, then heavier, then hyperventalating. I felt like I was only using 1/4 of my lungs -through a straw - if I tried to breathe deep I went into a coughing fit and then couldn't breathe at all. But I really wanted to keep up, if I could only make it to the top of the hill I would be ok. I had to push through it, plus I was falling behind my dad and brother. Well I caught up to my dad at a red light, clicked my shoe out of my pedal and fell over and started shaking. Several people started freaking out. I told them I was fine and then laid down in the shade for 10 minutes. Again, I felt like quiting, but I really wanted to ride a century (100 + mile ride) So I got up and kept riding.

Katie and Sarah met up with us again out by Red Rock, which was nice, I really needed another pick me up, and then said they would be waiting for us at the finish line.

Dad and I completing our first century!

There wasn't anyone else to take the picture so we took turns. This is Steven and I at the 100 mile mark.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. I had to go much slower than I wanted as my lungs wouldn't let me breathe normally still. I could use about 50% of my lungs, and for hours after the race my breathe sounded wheezy, like I was breathing through a straw. But I finished the race, and we made it to the finish line 17 minutes before they packed up and left. It was not the experience I was hoping for, and I know I could have done much better. My legs are not really sore and I could tell my muscles had plenty of strength left. I just couldn't breathe.

One of the best parts of finishing was getting a big congratulations hug from Katie and Sarah, and for them to tell me that they were proud of me.

So I didn't die and my wife and daughter are proud. Sounds like success to me. But give me a month or so before you ask if I will do it again next year!

The finish line at last!

Yes her shirt says "I love Daddy!" Does life get better? I submit that it does not!

I love my family! They were so nice to support me and drive all over town cheering for us!

Team Foote - victorious - ready to collapse (at least I was)

This was Sarah during the last picture wiggling her fingers and making funny faces to make sure we were smiling while our picture was taken. Super cute!

Lisa and Miguel

So I need to learn to spell my sisters soon to be last name. She just got engaged last weekend to Miguel Tixsdfiasdfnaera or something like that. (Miguel, at least I kind of know how to pronounce it right?) So much good stuff happening in our family right now! Miguel is awesome and Lisa is super excited. They are going to be married in March (when Miguel's family can come over from Germany, or Portugal or where ever they are)

Here are a few photos I took of them a few months ago on a family hike.

Lisa and Miguel 001

Lisa and Miguel 007
HAHA - I love this picture - I don't know what they are unsure about - perhaps why they would make those faces while I was taking pictures that might end up on our blog?

John and Jaime

So Katie's little brother John got engaged a few weeks ago! We are super excited about this and they will be getting married the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! That is coming up quick! We love Jaime and are glad she is joining our family.

We have a better picture (or over 500) where you can see Jaime's face but we decided not to post them yet. They are prewedding wedding pictures. They came down last weekend and we spent the day all over town getting tons of fun wedding pictures so they can relax (at least more) the day of the wedding. Get the group shots done and get over to the reception (which is like 2 hours after the wedding!) We decided not to post them yet since we don't have their permission.

Congrats John and Jaime!

It's a boy!

So we just found out. . . about 2 months ago. . . that we are going to be having a boy! As you can guess I am super excited to have a boy. I know we want a couple of each, but it is nice to be sure we will have a boy in the family. After all, I would feel bad making my girls mow the lawn, take out the trash, dig post holes and prune the trees. Not bad enough not to make them do it, but I would feel kinda bad. So Sarah, count your blessings and baby boy Foote - look out - I am working on my list already.

Too bad everything we bought for Sarah is pink!

Sarah's first day of preschool!

Our little girl is growing up so dang fast. We spent the last 15 minutes looking at old photos of her and she has grown soooooo much in the last year. I know, everyone says that they grow up too fast. . . well guess what - THEY ARE RIGHT! Except for the missing the infant infant phase - maybe Katie misses it more than me, but I am not looking forward to waking up every 14 minutes all night and changing a million diapers and getting spit up on all my ties again. I really love having kids, and there are some great things about the first couples of months for sure. But they go the right speed, everything else is too fast, but those first months are pretty rough. I am sure I will change my tune the first time I hold that little dude. But I am kinda scared to have a infant again. I don't remember how to take care of a baby, since with Sarah we just "run and jump and play" (as Sarah would say).

Anyway, enough about me being nervous about another kid, the title of this post is Sarah's first day of preschool. Katie signed Sarah up for Miss Lacie's Montessori Preschool and Sarah is loving it. She was excited for weeks before and still gets excited and tells us "I get to go to preschool tomorrow" when we are putting her to bed. She only goes two days a week, but she is really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it.

Sarah's First Day of School 010
Here she is with her new backpack - which she loves!

Sarah's First Day of School 003
As you can tell she was so excited she could barely contain herself, or eat her breakfast for that matter!